About Us

The TC-MIDWEST PAC is dedicated to reaching out to over 10,000 Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey willing to take a stand to support candidates that understand the value of positive US-Turkish relations.

We are committed to support the following vision of the TC-MIDWEST PAC:

• Identify candidates and incumbents that support a strong US-Turkish relationship

• Identifying candidates and incumbents who advocate balanced positions on the global and regional issues that impact Turkey and US-Turkish relations

• Identify and support Turkish-Americans and friends of Turkey to serve in local or national political office

Turkey plays a central role in enhancing US national security interests and that this decades-old partnership has served the interests of both nations well. It is a time-tested alliance, which needs to be strengthened and protected not only for the benefit of both nations, but also for the world.

Working together, we support the advancement of policies that make sense for foreign policy, trade, human rights, security and democratic values.